More About Me (and Luigi)


I am so grateful for having the following teachers in my life. These people have guided me on my path and are foundational in what I am able to offer. So I would like to acknowledge:   


Paramhansa Yogananda, Swami Kriyananda, Dr. Kathryn White, Bridget Richmond, Vincent Panetta, Savitri and Sudarshan Simpson, Jeremy Werner,

Rick Oliver, Dr. Lynne Stone, Drupada MacDonald, Val Guin, Kamana Hunter,

Joel Wallach, Erica Ellis, Pamela Teitlebaum, Krishnadas LoCicero, Dr. Uzzi Reiss, Joanne Ameya Cohen, Pagan George, Marla Apt, Laurel Parnell, Felicia Samata Mihich, Anne Panetta, Jeff Ames, Francesco Tocco, Angela Wallace, Ellen Lazares, Ron Alexander, and The Baron Von Luigi di Medici. 

This is my dog Luigi. He is present with us during your session. You will feel immediately that he provides a wonderful, calm, and soothing energy.  Animals remind us again and again of the power of unconditional love.


My clients have said that having him in session makes them feel safe and grounded. He has a special energy that adds an additional layer of healing to the work, in person and even on the phone! 


Ok, so back to describing my work...

I believe that when we work from a Mind, Body, Spirit perspective, we can become who we really are and we can start to have the life we are meant to have. 


I have found that Psychotherapy becomes more healing and can move along more quickly when other modalities are added in. People who work with me have seen wonderful results because I have expertly woven Flower Essences, Astrology, and EMDR into the work.  They assist in opening those more difficult to reach places, the places where words can't go.

You probably already know about EMDR, but here is a brief description just so we are on the same page....

EMDR is Mind-Body Technique that helps lower stress, ease trigger reactions, and relieve painful memories and/or experiences. It is a wonderful and effective tool when you really need symptom relief. 

If what you are reading here resonates with you, please reach out and say hello. I would love to work with you and assist in getting you where you want to be. 

  • M.A., Master's of Clinical Psychology, Antioch University

  • B.A.,  Bard College

  • Certified EMDR Trauma Specialist (Level I and II)

  • Certified Flower Essence Practitioner

  • Certified Meditation Teacher

  • Certified Yoga Teacher


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