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The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Step ~ Lao Tzu


If you are here, it may be because you are dealing with Relationship Problems.

You may be having a hard time with a partner, a family member, a child, or a colleague.

Or maybe you are dealing with a difficult aspect of yourself, or your life, and you would like Individual Therapy.

Maybe you have done a bunch of Therapy and you want to go to the next level and dive deep into the self with EMDR, Dream Work, Somatic Experiencing, Flower Essences, Astrology, Mindfulness, Breathwork, or Couples Therapy.

It is my joy and honor to work with you to help you gain clarity and symptom relief. 

I have created my own style of therapy that has been very helpful to the people I work with. My work is an inspired blend of Traditional Psychotherapy, Eastern Philosophy, and Yogic Studies.


Working with people for over the past 14 years has taught me that 

we all need to feel seen and heard to be truly happy. 

I am here to help you feel that..

Making big changes is not always easy or fun so sometimes

it helps to see the humor, even in therapy!

I invite you to bring your sense of humor

into the room and I will bring mine, deal?

Clients have also said that It's super helpful

to have the support of a furry friend, so I work

with my dog Luigi.

He provides a sweet energy of loving presence.​​ 


Luigi is present with us during your session. (even on Zoom...)

He provides a wonderful, calm, and soothing energy. 

Animals remind us again and again of the power

of unconditional love.


My Office

Contact me to start your journey back to the self


Gia Vajrini Buonaguro, MFT

Los Angeles, CA

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