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Gia is an insightful and intuitive therapist and the way she incorporates different modalities into her practice allows people many new and helpful ways to think about healing and well being.


Vajrini is a complete gem, a loving guide and transformation warrior. Her Astrology reading was spot on and so helpful. Vajrini's approach is different from anyone else's. She gets straight to the point and knows exactly how to take on every situation in a way that leads to REAL growth and clarity. She described the Planetary Period very well and helped me navigate a confusing time with clarity.

You can trust Vajrini completely. Her strength, character and integrity prove themselves time and time again. I am grateful to know her.


Vajrini has been truly wonderful for me. I love her combination of grounded psychotherapy, with Flower Essences and spiritual insight. She really deals with you holistically. There's always more work to be done...and whatever your issue, if you're ready to work on it... Gia is a compassionate therapist who will help you safely navigate troubled waters...towards a vibrant and rewarding life.​


When I first started seeing Gia I did not have a lot of experience with therapy but I knew that I was going through a lot in my life and needed someone outside of my circle to talk to about it. Her patience, realness, and beliefs were so incredibly helpful in my path of healing. Also her exploration of flower essence therapy and alternative methods of alignment are amazing. I can not recommend her enough.


Gia is the best therapist who has ever cared for me. She is holistic and active. She has done more for me in six months than I accomplished in years with other therapists.
Many therapists can stabilize someone who is depressed or otherwise mentally unwell. Gia can surely do that. But it takes a special kind of therapist to help someone move from stable toward being truly well; that is what Gia has done for me. 
She is one of a very rare kind of therapist, who can carefully push her patient to stop buying his or her own BS.
I have recommended Gia to friends on numerous occasions. I cannot say enough good things about this truly gifted caregiver.

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